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A seriously underestimated quality in a love relationship is humor.

However, everyone knows the healing value of humor. How is it then that so few people apply this in their love relationship? In the beginning of a relationship it will sometimes work out, but after a relatively short period of time the humor is often lost.


Humor makes you laugh. Laughter encourages the body to engage in activities that can have a healing effect. Everyone knows that too! So we shouldn't go into it any further.

We know each other

Many couples who have been together for a long time know each other's habits. They regularly say: “Well, we know each other. There is nothing more that can be changed. So let's just leave each other as we are. ” Usually this is about the unpleasantness that they have been trying to improve on each other for years in vain.

Know each other?

However, the big questions are: “Do they really know each other?”. "Do they know each other's humor?" "Can they laugh together at the same jokes, even if they are sometimes rude?" "Do they see together the delicacies in the humor of the other?" We can go on like this. If you don't know each other's humor, everything else falls away.

Can everyone laugh?

Yes of course! The more people laugh, the more joy there is. Yet not everyone can follow with whom you laugh as a couple who are attuned to each other. We like to laugh a lot. A man who saw that asked us if he could laugh with us. Sure! We told him what we had so much fun about. He looked at us for a moment as if we were crazy and turned, without twitching a facial muscle. Well, we just continued with what we were doing. So laugh!

It is nice to get to know each other in a humorous way!

Eddy and Rita

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