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We believe that in this world nothing is more important than the growth in the 'Divine Consciousness'.

Man should become aware of the fact that he is of Divine origin and that he has inwardly the power to use the attendant Divine power for all purposes consistent with the 'Divine Law'

A person who becomes aware of that Divine power is also no longer concerned with so-called counteracting forces such as ego, karma, emotions, etc.… He is aware that the latter only possess the power that he himself gives to them. When he focuses on the supreme, these (opposing forces) no longer even exist.

Why bother yourself with it? We humans can just put these aside so that they no longer have any influence. It is not that the man who grows in consciousness denies his problems, he knows that something is not right, but unlike before, he ignores them because he knows that they are nonexistent, no more than an illusion that is created by the human mind. You are that, where your attention most goes out. Then why not make the very highest your priority? Forget the ego, forget karma, forget…, put it aside because it only has the power that you yourself give to it.

Focus on the 'Divine Consciousness' and set aside all so-called limitations. They have no right to exist. You cannot discard something that does not exist to eventually reach something higher. It is a waste of time, because if these so-called restrictions actually exist, you can never remove them.

Of course, everyone is free to assume a lower state for truth.

Eddy and Rita

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