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Universal energy

In our view, Universal Energy is an energy that is all pervasive and all supportive.

Without this Energy nothing whatsoever can exist (no animals, no plants, no minerals, no people, no earth, no planets, no Universe). There is only One Energy, all the rest are vibrations within this Energy.

Different vibrations

There are no separate energies on their own, the thought that they do exist leads to a division. Each vibration can be sensed separately. For example, anger, sadness, hatred, fear ... are feelings that were necessary to protect us or as a means of communication. With anger you send out a vibration that makes the other feel; be careful, because I am very angry, keep away from me! The vibration of grief lets the other know that you need them to be comforted. The vibration of fear is there to make you flee or to keep you low. Etc ...

Man has a free choice

As a human being you have the choice to respond to emotional vibrations. These vibrations are experienced by many people and also accepted as "so-called energies". This acceptance leads to an exaggerated attention to feelings with the result that one sinks into a vibration that is lower than the one in which we belong (for example, we should not resonate on a vibration that is equal or even less than that. of animals).

There is still so much focus on emotional, negative vibrations that a negative word in itself already broadcasts these vibrations and even makes them feel to those who are sensitive to them. You have the choice to go along with it or not. By lifting yourself into vibration you will pass by these negative vibrations and they will no longer exist for you.

Nourishing vibrations

Positive feelings and words are much higher in vibration, and as a result they will lift the vibration of body and thoughts into oneness with the Universal Energy. The more we become aware of the radiance of this Energy, the more we also grow in consciousness. That's why positive feelings, thoughts and words are so important. In this way you will focus yourself on health, love, tolerance, joy, beauty, etc ... These are also vibrations within the same Universal Energy and not separate energies in themselves.

By always or at least as much as possible working with positive vibrations (words, thoughts) you will notice that negative vibrations disappear, even feelings and emotions around them make way for a feeling of unity.

Eddy and Rita

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