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Left cheek

Texts, stories, fairytales, they can help you in your life study. They don't have to be religious in nature to use them in your daily life. We don't practice any religion but we do love inspiring stories of all kinds.

Sermon on the Mount

Consider the following famous quote from the Bible, the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus. Matt. 5:39 And I tell you not to oppose whoever does evil, but to turn the left cheek also whoever strikes you on the right cheek.

In fact, this speech was meant for His disciples, people who walked and philosophized with Him, people who He knew understood Him better than the average person did.


If you take this quote literally, it means that when someone hits you on the right cheek, you also turn this person your left cheek. Can this behavior lead to a deeper understanding? We have our doubts, you would soon be a punching bag for anyone who is angry with you.


If you are looking for a religious explanation, you can find a possible explanation on the internet and in many religious descriptions. These are usually about the fact that the human being must feel compassion for the fellow man who hits and thus shows that he / she is not yet as far in his / her development as you. By offering him / her the other cheek you show that you understand him / her and that you are willing to forgive his / her behavior, that you even feel love for the other, that you want to help him / her, etc.… By taking this attitude you show that you are a good and religious person and that you understand and apply the religious value of the texts in your own life.


If we want to approach this quote in a more spiritual way, we must first let go of the thought of whether or not this event 'the Sermon on the Mount' occurred physically. This physical event is totally unimportant to a spiritual approach. True Spirituality does not consider material, limiting circumstances. After all, time and space are non-existent, everything happens Now.

Crowds of people

The description of the Sermon on the Mount begins with the following sentences; Matt. 5: 1 “When He saw the crowd, He went up into the mountain. There He sat down with His disciples around Him.” Without these first sentences we are nowhere in our approach.

From a spiritual point of view, Jesus sees from the Higher Consciousness the crowd of people in His disciples, He sees the many thoughts they carry with them, the crowd. So He goes higher (up the mountain) in consciousness than He normally does when speaking to a crowd and finds His disciples around Him, He has taken them into that Higher Consciousness. (He had their attention, He saw that they were ready for the deeper meaning of what He was going to tell them.)

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

Before starting on offering the right cheek, He said; Matt. 5.38 You have heard that it was said, "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." By which He means; this is what you have been taught from human experience. But; - "I tell you not to oppose those who do wrong," - do not give in to the viewpoints and habits you have been taught. When you reside in a "Higher Consciousness" you are nothing with your conditioning and your experiences, let go.

Ratio versus intuition

Symbolically, our right side stands for the rational, thinking,… and the left side for intuition, Higher Consciousness… If someone hits you on your right cheek, he does it with the left hand (Knowing). From the Knowing of someone else (which, by the way, is the Knowing of every human being) you get a buzz in your thinking (right cheek), not physically. Everything you "think" you know so far simply goes to pieces. It is then that Jesus says “offer your left cheek too,” by that blow you are so shocked that you fall in consciousness and want retribution. You want to walk from Knowing and you are angry with the person who is doing this to you. By courageously offering your "left cheek" and going deeper into the subjects that cause you so much fear, you will enter the Higher Consciousness. By acting in this way every time you come into a completely different feeling, which stimulates yourself to Higher Thoughts.


In this way, one can approach, discuss and consider all inspiring stories and texts until one understands the deeper meaning. And one can apply these insights in a practical way in one's own life. There are an unlimited number of profound texts and stories waiting for analysis.

Eddy and Rita

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