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What does a man think about this topic?

The most fascinating and interesting question I ever got was "How does a man think about this topic?" This question has led to my (Eddy) awareness about being a man.

Since Rita and I started going through life together in 2005, a lot has changed in my thinking and the way I go through life. When we got to know each other, we were both in a different relationship. We sometimes spent hours on the phone talking to each other about a wide variety of subjects. These conversations were very nourishing and very interesting for both of us. As a result, three months later we broke off our former relationships and started living together.

Together at the table

There we sat together at the table. Telephone contact and being together now and then is a completely different matter than living together. I had never been a talker, I never really knew what to say. And now I was sitting there with the woman of my dreams at the table in the house where we lived together. I closed and couldn't quite remember what to say. Until Rita told me she might as well go back to her ex, because it was the same situation there. I knew I had to talk because I certainly didn't want to lose her.


I have started talking and so far, many years later, I still haven't finished talking. In one of these early conversations, Rita asked me this important question. I no longer know the subject, but the question has kept burning in my mind.

How does a man think about this topic?

Well, is this question so important? Not, if you are satisfied with the situation you live in. It is if you want to become more aware of the position you want to take as a man. In the first place in the relationship with a woman, and in the second place in society. When Rita asked me this question I didn't know what to answer. I simply had never thought about it. It took me two days to think about the subject.

In the past I would not have known what to do with the outcome of this reflection, now I knew that talking about it would lead to more conversations and broadening my thinking.

Respect for being a man

In this question lies an enormous interest and respect for male thinking. Which is quite simple in many ways. Male thinking is not that complex.

He thinks; “I'm going to work and bring in money, that's my job. We can all go on holiday a few times a year. That should be enough. I don't like that nagging on my mind, if we talk about it once, it will be resolved. ”

A woman thinks completely differently, with a woman everything is more complex. A woman thinks, because she receives many signals from others, that a man also receives these signals. So he must know by himself what the woman is thinking and how she feels. Receiving signals is part of being a woman, it is the maternal instinct that comes to the fore. A woman also wants to know everything about the family, even if there are no children. Men also have the feminine in them, but it is not that highly developed.

Spiritual level

If one gets to know someone and one decides to go through life together, this means that one sees qualities in the other that one also wants to develop themselves. Being a man or a woman is also a quality one can develop. Questions like; "How does a man or how does a woman think about this subject?" can lead to deeper insights. They are not there to emphasize the differences between the sexes but to eliminate the duality of being a woman and being a man.

One can never reach a higher spiritual level if one has no idea of ​​the workings of the masculine and feminine energy within oneself. A love relationship is a gift in which people can question each other in order to gain deeper insights.

A small (?) Challenge;

What does a man think about this topic?

What does a woman think about this topic?

Eddy and Rita

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