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True Spirituality

True Spirituality is not something to be acquired, it is ingrained in each of us.

We get it at birth, for free. Everything that comes from God is free and unlimited to use. One should only become aware of it. One can practice this by means of one's own intuition.

The simplicity of God

The problem with humans is that many find it hard to believe in the simplicity of God. There must be more than that! It cannot be that one can live a highly spiritual and divine life without having to consider difficult teachings.

Many of these teachings were invented to deprive ordinary people of their freedom. Today we still see people accepting these teachings for truth. They also think and tell others that they have to toil to raise themselves to a certain level. So that they can gain insights in “how to live according to the Divine Principle”.

Divine Principle

While the Divine Principle is there for every human being. All one can do is decide for himself which lord to serve. Do you want to serve God or are you satisfied with deception?

True spirituality does not consider man-made teachings. It is Fresh, Sparkling, Renewing, Fulfilling, Intelligent, Unconditional, Divine, Calm, Understanding…. It's childlike simplicity. It is Christ energy working through man.

Our wish is that everyone may live according to Divine Truth!

Eddy and Rita

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