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Live your life yourself!

Ask anyone if he / she lives his / her own life and chances are you get "Yes of course." in response.

If this is your answer too, what are you doing on this site? We think you are looking for something that can add value to the life you have lived until now. Whether we can change your life, give it added value? That chance is small, let's just assume that it is non-existent.


Well, is there nothing you can do about it? Yes, but then you have to do that yourself of course. The life you live and the values ​​you give to it stem from your own thinking. This thinking has been shaped by everything that has been offered to you throughout your life. Take reading, you learned that, someone told you that the sound A is 'A' and the symbol for it is just 'A' or 'a', simply isn't it? Certainly, otherwise you would not be able to read, let alone understand this text. One just has to learn these things, because if one keeps wondering why that A is an A, one would not get to B. One would get stuck in one's own development and only emit and / or write a-sounds.


In this way people learn from the earliest childhood how to communicate with each other. Very simple and all recognizable. In this way one also gets the values ​​that one applies later in life during the education. One can read a lot and accept that which is written as truth. This is done because it is learned that way. It is a habit like breathing, for example, one no longer thinks about it.

Parrot it back

What does this have to do with 'live your own life'? A lot of. One simply imitates what has been chewed up by others through books, courses, workshops, newspapers, magazines, etc ... One rarely asks questions and parrot it back, without worrying about deeper insights about what one has read, heard.

If one then gets a question about a certain subject, the answer is ready quickly because one has read or heard it here or there. When their 'own opinion' is asked, people no longer know and must refer to the source (book, magazine, site, blog, insights, etc ...). In this way one never comes to form one's own opinion.

Form your own opinion

If one adheres to a circle of friends and / or family, one should adapt oneself to this circle, one must ensure that one fits within this circle if one wants to belong to it. All this ensures that you soon start to live the way others would like you to see it and not the way you want it.

"What can I do about that now?" you think.

  • Everything is within your reach.
  • Stand up for your own opinion, without asking others for their opinion.
  • Consider the things you accepted as truth and form your own opinion. Not just simply accepting what others serve you.
  • Don't run with the herd, it is already big enough.
  • Etc ...

    Live your life yourself! Good luck!

Eddy and Rita

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