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The word "God" as the key to a higher consciousness

During the many conversations we have together about God and everything that goes with it, everything that is, we are always looking for simplicity.

Our constant questions are “How can we become more aware of our divinity in an even easier way? How can we turn our philosophy into a practical experience? ”.

We ask these questions because we are simple, practical people. We believe that when one forms a theory one should also be able to apply it, without practical application one is in our opinion nothing with theory. It's dead matter.

A direct line to God

During the years that we have been together, we have placed God at the center of our lives. Every conversation we have is dedicated to the energy we call God. So you understand that we often use the word “God”. Now let just that one little word encompass everything. By talking a lot about God, one eventually makes a direct line to this Energy.

We understand that not everyone is able to talk so much about God at all times. However, there is another opportunity to strengthen and purify your direct line to the energy we call God. It is so simple that it is hard to believe. Of course it is the intention to deal with all negative images and thoughts that one has about the word God, one only works against oneself with it.

While dealing with these negative thoughts and images, one can think of God as much as possible. The word alone is enough, it seems as if someone asks for contact by mentioning his / her name. The more one practices in this, without making a mantra of the word, the more aware one becomes of the goodness that is stored in the word.

One also becomes more aware of the unity, the Energy that connects us all. One just has to keep it up. Practice makes perfect! When negative thoughts come to mind, simply keep the word "God" in mind.

We invite everyone to try it for a week and then look at the results.

Good luck

Eddy and Rita

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