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The word 'God'

For many people the word 'God' is a loaded word. Even people who are engaged in spiritual growth have difficulty with the word 'God'.

They talk about Universal Energy, Spirit, All That Is, etc ... but never or little about 'God'. During the years that the two of us have been talking about "God," we have found that the word "God" is higher in vibration than any other word. By saying the word - with the right insight - one becomes more aware of the 'Divine Energy' that is always present within oneself. It is a direct contact with the 'Energy' that the word 'God' stands for.

Fear of a three-letter word

Why the fear of a three-letter word? We believe this is due to a lack of information. Today we notice a fascination for the word 'God', but few dare to talk about it openly. If we look into our religious past, we notice that the word 'God' was used as an oppressor. You weren't allowed to do much wrong or God was ready to punish you. People who weren't as good as they seemed to oppress their fellow humans with hell and damnation and on top of that a punishing god.

All calamities were considered punishment from god. You must have done something wrong or these terrible punishments will not happen to you. Nowadays every sane person knows that this is just bullshit. If you still believe in a punishing god, we have one simple question for you. Do you really think that God will pick you out of those 7 billion people to punish you? Then you really have to be special that God makes time for you to punish you. You of all those 7 billion people ???

Direction indicator

The very first time that the word 'God' was used, it was in an expression of anything and everything that represented the good, the perfection. The people responsible for well-being in the society of that time saw that many chose a life of free will. In this free will they lived outside the 'Divine law'. Ignoring this law made them vibrate lower than their "Divine Self" and set in confusion and greed.

Those responsible for welfare tried in vain to alert those who went astray to this aberration. Those responsible came together to find a solution. All they could do was inoculate the little word 'God' with all the good that comes out of this 'Energy' so that those who strayed and wanted to get back into their 'Divine Perfection' could focus on it.

'God' as 'Energy'

Over time, the true meaning of the little word "God" as "Energy" that contains all good has turned into a stern, punishing god in person. It is difficult for us humans to maintain this vision. This would mean that we humans are more righteous than God. Which righteous person wants to live with an image of God that is less than himself? Can we forgive other people for their mistakes and maintain a godly image of a "severely punishing god"?

When you know for yourself that the word 'God' only means the positive, the perfection, only the good, you can give your life a completely different turn.

Eddy and Rita

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