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Information addiction

Our society has gone unnoticed into an information addiction. We know no better than that this is completely normal. That's how we were raised.

Being informed can never be bad and indeed it is nice to know a lot. You can show off with it. In education, people who know a lot are even rewarded. The stars are more honored and lauded than those who know less and therefore "seem" less important than the smart ones.

Downside to information gathering

However, there is a significant downside to gathering information. It is so small that few people notice it. Gathering information leaves little room for your own input. The information one gathers comes from other people, who in turn quote information from others. We humans tend to accept good sounding information for truth without checking it against our own feelings. By adopting this attitude one gets into problems with one's own intuition. Intuition involves a creative process. However, there is nothing creative about indiscriminately copying information that, however well-intentioned, comes from others.

Information about a self-managed life

For clarity; we are not talking about a manual for some device, or about information that has already been recorded. It would be totally useless to prove again that 1 + 1 is equal to 2. We are talking about life itself and the way to live it. There is so much information about that, that one can be overwhelmed.

One also only starts looking for information about life itself when one is in a vulnerable position. One then looks for a solution to some problem and hopes to find the most suitable method. So that by applying it one will get rid of the problems in no time.

Vulnerable position

It is generally known that when people are in a vulnerable position their own intuition often dares to let themselves down. In fact, they allow this themselves. By not relying on the power of one's own intuition, one turns oneself into a victim in need of help. One will look for information that tells what is wrong and what the most suitable solution is. In principle one can say that one is the victim of one's own distrust of one's own intuition.

What can you do to overcome this information addiction?

  • First, recognize your own intuition as the supreme source of information.
  • Give yourself time to build confidence.
  • Do not just accept all information as truth. Just because it's written somewhere doesn't mean it's true.
  • When you have a question, put it inside yourself and wait for the answer.
  • Trust the answer that comes.

    In fact, you don't need the above information! You already know intuitively!

Eddy and Rita

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