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Simply God

We have started groping around for what God really is and what He can do for us in our lives. We approach life in a more rational way and everything that is of no use goes out.

This is an easy way to keep life organized. As a result, we are more concerned with the things that are really important. Thus, we first erased the old thoughts and ideas we were presented about God, and left with one question.

The question "Who or what is God?" is central to our lives. We have found out that God cannot be caught in a "definition". When one tries this it always goes wrong. Even now as we are writing this, we feel the limitations that we impose on this "Tremendous Force" by trying to describe it. Our intellect is not yet developed enough to encompass God. However, our ambition is to gain a total understanding of God. This is our "dream" and "goal" and we will continue to do so.

Free your mind

In order to come to an understanding of what God really is, one must free oneself from all thoughts that have arisen from the misunderstanding of the past. These limiting explanations are usually taken for granted. When one assumes for oneself that one is not equal to God, it will be so. By taking this position one creates for oneself a world in which one is indeed not good enough to equate oneself with the "Divine level". These limiting thoughts deprive oneself of the greatest opportunity one gets to fathom life. It is an opportunity in which one is presented with freedom! All one can do is seize this opportunity. One may also refuse this, but then one avoids freedom, because after all, to know the Truth is to be free.

How do we see God? What or who is God to us? We can use all kinds of superlatives to explain God. We can speak of an "Omnipresent-, All-Encompassing-, Omniscient-, Good-, etc ... God". We can speak of "Universal Energy", "the Source", "All That Is". We can give Him thousands of names. But are we anything with that? Does this produce anything that we can apply in a practical way in our own lives? We doubt that.


We ourselves can best understand people who are looking for a scientific explanation for the "Energy God". When one is practical, one is nothing with the God of the religions. Nor are there any incomprehensible descriptions in which God is presented as something mystical. From the insight that we currently have, we can clearly state that God corresponds in, through and with everything, but this correspondence that is always present does not take place at the level of human, thus limiting, thinking. This limiting thinking is a creation of its own that leads man to look upwards from below. When he does this there is nothing to be seen, "God does not exist" or "He is unreachable," he says. This is the world that man then creates on his own responsibility. It is its own 'choice', its own 'truth', its own 'illusion'.

To update

Update your thinking, throw out all the old ideas about God, and replace them with new, refreshing ideas. When one makes the effort to adjust one's thinking, one can raise oneself to a level that is higher in vibration. This is done by discussing and considering everything one thinks he knows about the subject of "God".

Gradually one finds out that the image one has of God has nothing to do with this 'All-encompassing Power'. That one limits one's own possibilities by this way of thinking. That one can feel, hear and see the "Energy of God". That one can apply this 'Energy' to heal one's own thinking even further so that one can get even more out of it. The possibilities are endless in our opinion. It is very exciting to follow this "God".

When one really feels God, one does not need vague descriptions.

“Go with your head held high, because you carry God in you!“: is an ancient wisdom that reveals a deep truth.

Eddy and Rita

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