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Letting go?

Many talk about letting go and how difficult it is. How is this so? What makes letting go so difficult?

Our first and in our opinion most important observation is; habit. Quite simply, we think that one should not look much further. Humans are creatures of habit and are always looking for landmarks. With these landmarks he makes a map (plan) of his life. Landmarks can be anything; people, animals, situations, memories, etc. Whenever a person ends up in a situation that does not fit in with his experience / memory, he looks for new landmarks. If he doesn't find them, he just creates them himself. This means that there are always new things on his map. This brings structure to his life.

Almost all landmarks are changeable. When something or someone falls away, one feels an emptiness. For example. a dear person or animal dies and is therefore no longer visible in the physical form (change). The lack of that physical form leaves a void that is difficult for anyone or anything else to fill. In fact, this person / animal is only out of sight and one can no longer find a connection from their own habitual experience because the physical appearance is no longer present. When one lets go of the physical appearance one can reconnect in another way with the one who is no longer physically present. The question remains whether this is very useful, but that is another chapter.

Hold on out of habit

There are many things that people stick to out of habit. They have created a world for themselves that suits themselves best. One takes over thoughts and habits from others for a while or sometimes throughout life. People look for connections with others in order to verify their own thoughts and feelings and then simply accept them as their own truth. When it later turns out that things turn out not to be what they thought they were, they have trouble wiping these landmarks from their own map. Simply because these points have served so long. It is difficult to say goodbye to it. The mind keeps wondering if it can't recover those landmarks, so that the experiences, memories, etc. still have some use.

It is difficult to admit that one has lived from a lower vibration and that almost all experiences may be useless. So one keeps sticking to the seemingly important landmarks that are thought to be important for the further course of one's own life. One does not get around to wiping everything that is useless off the map and starting over. One lives in fear that one will let go of something or someone without having achieved everything in terms of experience. The habit commands people to hold on to useless things and / or relationships.

Formulate thoughts?

The more one lets go, the less thoughts go through the head. This makes thinking even seem useless. However, it is thinking that ensures that one keeps holding on. We live in a society where formulating thoughts is highly regarded. Most people participate in this out of habit. Then try letting go !?

Is letting go really that difficult? We think there is only one possibility, letting go of the thought that "letting go is difficult" and starting to let go. The idea that letting go is difficult is also accepted from each other. Each time one repeats this thought, one confirms the apparent truth and anchors the landmark on one's own map. Actually, one can say that one makes sure that letting go is difficult.

So let go, rather today than tomorrow.

Eddy and Rita

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