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A person is a changeable being, that is to say he / she (further he) is changed throughout his / her (further his) life. There is no stagnation in a human life.

He can counteract himself, but even that counteracting one cannot possibly call a standstill. Man is forced into a quest by his own opposition. In this quest he is offered all kinds of things with which he can possibly make progress. This will automatically, however minimal, encourage progress.


The greatest transformation of man is birth. The Soul chooses to be born in a human being. This is a possibility for the Soul to grow in the material world. Some say that God wants to know himself in matter. This in itself is a nice thought.

Now it is the intention that we humans start to live according to what our Soul indicates and not the other way around. After all, the Soul knows better than the human being, with his human thoughts, what this human being needs. Man may have free will, but he has only been given it to choose what he wants. Do you want a life in the "Divine Energy" or do you want a life in the material thoughts with which you build all kinds of constructions for yourself, in which you stray even further from the energy that we call God. You can make this choice yourself.

Living in material thoughts

When one chooses a life in material thoughts, one notices that one is indeed offered knowledge in all kinds of forms; books, conversations, courses, internet, etc. This information makes you think, to consider the information that is so generously offered. The question is, of course, whether one is involved with this abundance of information. This information can be so incriminating that people no longer understand it.

At one point, the head is so full. One thinks he knows what life is about. One has then given all that information a place in the mind and thinks there is not much more to learn. And then suddenly, bam, something happens, which puts one in a situation where one suddenly does not know anything anymore. One descends to a depth that one has not known before. Fear wraps around the heart, so much has changed on a mental and physical level, one has never experienced anything like this. One is looking for others who can tell what is actually going on.

What is going on???

Not really something to worry about, but one does not know that when one is in the middle of it. One is in a transformation process. It is indeed frightening to notice that one no longer knows anything. All the years that one has been collecting information, all that energy and money that one has put into it, it now seems so pointless that one has done that. Know that it was not pointless. One just ends up in a completely different feeling. Let's just say this is one of the most favorable times in life. How one deals with it determines the way one goes through it. If one remains in fear, one will of course also linger longer in this period. Fear is a bad counselor at all times. Think about these words.

Symbolic death

Actually, this period is one in which one symbolically dies as the person that one is and is reborn as a totally different person. The information will definitely come back, one shouldn't worry about that. Only it is not as much as before. That is only beneficial! You do not actually need a lot of information that you keep. The more one comes to rely on the fact that the information one needs comes to him at the moment of necessity, the calmer and more secure one will become. The information comes and goes, comes and goes, comes and ...

Start living intuitively

Know that this is one of the greatest transformations one can and should experience. When one keeps to oneself, that is to say; the attention is not directed outwards but inwards, one emerges stronger from this seemingly difficult period. After a while one starts to trust more on one's own intuition and the signs one gets from the Soul and then it really gets easier. Collaboration with the soul promises tranquility, peace, freedom and love for oneself and those close to them.

Eddy and Rita

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