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Every life anew one gets the chance to rediscover one's own 'Divine Self'. Until then, structures are a necessity to give direction to your 'own life'. The "Divine Self" inevitably carries the good in it.

Being aware of this on a deeper level makes that necessity disappear. So that one can walk the Divine Path in a free way.

Divine Laws

A society based on the 'Divine Laws' does not need a structure, every individual knows about his / her 'own contribution' and behaves accordingly. In a society based on chaos, structures are necessary, a society without structures is like a body without a backbone.

Just as a body without a backbone collapses, a society without structures will not function properly. We humans need laws and rules to create a working society. Structure brings discipline!

Worldly Laws

All "good worldly laws" resonate under Divine Law: "All is ONE." They are there to give the "unconscious person" guidelines about what is possible and what is not possible in the society in which we live. These laws can be different depending on the country in which one lives.

Yet all laws have the same goal: "A society with respect for each other." This is absolutely God's purpose. If you don't follow these laws, there is the possibility that you will be punished. Punishments "do not" come from God. They come purely from the "human mind" and are there to bring the "astrayed man" back on the right path.

All laws, however nonsensical they may seem, are "Divinely Inspired" in the moment of necessity. Laws can be repealed or amended at any time. Some laws are outdated, but the councilors still want to keep them. They are struggling to make the necessary changes that could turn our society into a "dynamic, liveable society".

The law is not the only structure that is necessary. There are also regulations within companies, groups, etc ...

There are many religious and other groups using structures that are all fundamentally focused on one goal. "A life in God (Universal Energy, The Source, ...)". We do not have to look far to determine that these structures do not work or work poorly. The main goal of religion is a loving society, isn't it? Or do we see that wrong? Why do these structures work poorly or simply not?


Legislation, structures, regulations, religions,… they all originate from necessity and are aimed at solving and preventing problems. Since problems are always active in the human mind, the solutions also come from the human mind.

Man fights with his "Natural State of Being" and instead of cooperating with the "Divine Power" tries to impose his own will. For example, all laws are "Divinely" inspired, but people often have difficulty applying these laws themselves. Usually these laws are also intended for others, not for themselves, they think. With the greatest of ease one can tell others, even prescribe how to live and not practice it themselves. When one behaves like this, one lives in a consciousness that is lower than that to which one is entitled.

When one starts to structure one's own life, one also gains insight into it. In this way, one can use all structures that contain the good as a guide. Religious, alternative, social, no matter what structure you use. By turning oneself to a structure and applying it one brings order to one's own life. These applied structures are direction indicators that can lead people to a specific goal, a kind of GPS. Yet, however valuable one or more structures "may" seem to be, structures remain no more than an instrument. A recommendation, a guideline that invites people to 'think higher'.

A life of joy

Structures, however, can never bring man to a life in Full Joy. Many structures are presented in this way, but they always have to deal with limitations. Human thinking - even if one is not aware of it - wants to go beyond these limitations. One can focus on getting to know oneself through a religious structure, for example. One can strictly take in all the commandments and prohibitions, apply and respect all guidelines one by one. Yet there is always a gnawing feeling, a feeling of dissatisfaction that drives people towards even more.

This is a fairly natural process because there is still more to discover than that which moves within the human boundaries. When one listens closely to this feeling that invites you to look further, one can take the following steps. One can direct the consciousness even further than the limitations of the structure that one has assumed as one's own.

Throw off boundaries

In a sense, one must throw off those limitations. It is in this shedding that most people stumble and want to return to what is known. It is in this shedding that it "seems" as if there is nothing left to live for. Most people with whom you live the faith cannot follow you in this, you "must" let them go. You also don't get a certificate or pat on the back. No one will say that you are doing well, on the contrary, they will try to "bring you to your senses" or even save you. You start to doubt and go back to living the same pattern as before but the nagging feeling remains. This is what structures do to you.

However, when one takes in all "meaningful structures" and lives by them and does not deviate from them, one does not have to be accountable. Gradually you get the feeling that whatever people say about you, you are doing well. It is in this persistence and that feeling that one encounters God within oneself. It is in that feeling that the Flame burns and automatically radiates the heat and light from you to all life, without exception, here on Earth. This is being one with God because after all you are That yourself.

Eddy and Rita

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