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Do twin souls have a task?

You could describe it as a task, but it is actually more of a natural occurrence.

When twin souls come together, they develop the love they already naturally carry into unconditional love. In this love they express the supreme good of God.

This is noticeable to others. Many people experience that there is something about that 'weird' couple, however, they cannot describe what it is, but enjoy, if they can or want to allow it, this vibration. They are lifted as it were. Twin souls do not even have to make an effort, it is automatic.

Now the identity of twin souls does not contribute at all to the propagation of these vibrations. They themselves are subordinate to this unconditional love. In that sense, one could call it a task. As a twin soul couple you are then a channel for God.

The identity is totally unimportant to the receiver of these vibrations. Twin souls are therefore neither more nor less than their fellow human beings. They are not elect who can or must solve the problems of others. In unconditional love they can leave others for what they are and appreciate them in that sense too.
Eddy and Rita

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