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Twin souls and sexuality

We wrote this article shortly after we got together (2005). We both had a serious shortage of sex in our relationship at the time.

We have been particularly sexually active in the years that followed. The shortage of sex that demanded so much energy from us has been amply replenished in recent years. The pleasure we find in our being together and the mental and spiritual aspect transcends this a thousandfold. Why should we indulge in activities that cannot even match what we are currently experiencing? Read our insight "Spirituality and sex".

Neither of us have sexual desires for other people. We believe this is an important element in recognizing the "True Twin Soulship". If there are still desires for other people, this is also an indication that one is not together with the "True twin soul".

Twin souls and sexuality

In terms of sexuality and relationship, the twin soul is naturally monogamous. In material thinking it can be assumed that man experiences his sexuality as most animals do, so according to instinct. On a spiritual level, twin souls are monogamous. Since twin souls strive for harmony in all areas, they will also strive for harmony in the sexual area. This means that for every partner in this relationship there is only one other and that is the twin soul. After the reunion, there is no sexual desire for other people.

With twin souls the sexual desires are the same. A lot of sex, little sex, it doesn't matter, the desires are identical and in harmony. So that there is no resentment at all in this area either.

Divine sex

Sex between twin souls is just divine, something that one cannot experience in a normal relationship. This from our own experience.

Twin souls are "always" male and female, this has to do with the division (polarity) and the possibility to create (two people of the same sex cannot create, one always needs the masculine and feminine aspect to be able to create). When they come together, they will also experience sexuality as something "completely new", never had. They can also "never" be born within the same family, for example; mother-son, father-daughter, brother-sister etc… (this could include incest).

Soul mates

Soul mates, however, may well be able to be born within the same family. With soul mates it is also possible that they are two people of the same sex who recognize each other as such and from which a relationship can arise. Within this group and after recognition, there may be couples who live together without a sexual bond or attraction towards each other.

The group of the soul mates is "much" larger than that of the twin souls and therefore many more people will recognize each other, within the same group. The feeling of recognition will be so great that perhaps 9 out of 10 couples will see this as their twin soul. This will become clear after a while, we have already seen many supposed twin souls leave each other.

Eddy and Rita

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