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What are twin souls?

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What are twin souls?

A twin soul couple originated from the splitting of a single original soul that descends directly from God. This soul is a unity that has no polarity, it is a vibrational field at the Supreme level. By coming to the earth, this soul automatically splits into a female and a male part, which forms the human body and functions as the shell of the split soul. The soul ensures that the masculine always assumes a masculine body and the feminine always assumes a feminine body. The splitting has to do with the polarity of this planet. Energetically they remain connected by one and the same field.


After a very long period of time, man drifts more and more away from his Divine Source, so that eventually man lowers in vibration and very little information from the Source can be remembered. The human limited consciousness is all that remains of all the good and beautiful that once was and the search home is slowly beginning to enter the mind of man, for the soul yearns to live again in oneness with the Great Whole.

Way back

The way back is started by starting to fathom everything and a deep longing for unity. This happens almost simultaneously in the male and female individual who was split very early. Without having a hand in it, these two people are reunited with each other. Because they consciously prepare for a union with the Great Whole, both individuals are brought together, this is an energetic event that is controlled from the information of the soul. The recognition is very great because you once lived together for a very long time as two persons and before that as one Divine Whole.

Through life together

We don't think that if you ever meet your true twin soul you will choose to go on living alone, because you are supposed to try together, no, you will just do it to remember everything how it once was is and how it will be back and always will be; Living as a God-man here on this precious planet earth.

Eddy and Rita

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