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We often encounter people who say that they are jealous of us. In the beginning we were surprised about this. In our discussions on this subject we have come to the following.

In the human mind, jealousy is considered a negative quality. We are told that it is one of the ego's attributes that must be discarded. We went a little further than this approach and arrived at a completely different observation. We find it quite gratuitous to view this trait as negative.

Jealousy, who does not know that feeling? We humans have made it a subject ourselves that "seems" unspeakable. It is only talked about in reproachful form, so that the other closes and no communication is possible. However, it is liberating to speak about these feelings without judging them, so you come to a deeper understanding of this feeling.

What is jealousy really?

In simple terms, we can compare jealousy with a feeling of hunger. You are hungry and you want to satisfy this feeling by eating. A natural process. Jealousy is a kind of hunger of the mind. In your mind you want to satisfy this feeling by getting the same things that others have. It does not matter at all whether what you see is consistent with reality. For example, you usually enter what you want to see in the subject of your jealousy. You always make the subject better than it really is. This is quite normal. With food it is also the case when you are hungry, food always seems to be better than when you are not hungry.


Jealousy urges you to want to improve the situation in which you live. Thus, the subject of jealousy can be of a material nature. A classic example; Your neighbor has a new car and he is proud to show it. Bam, a twinge of jealousy takes you. A month later there is also a shiny thing at your door. You improved yourself thanks to your neighbor. It could also be that you went into debt to outdo him. Those are also things that happen. This is what can happen on the material level, in the material mind. There is always an element of competition present. As you rise in consciousness, you will learn to deal better with feelings of jealousy.

Don't judge yourself

Instead of judging yourself for these feelings, you can use them as a tool to improve the quality of your life. Someone who rises in consciousness will attach less importance to competition in the material, it becomes totally uninteresting to want to outdo your neighbors with new stuff. Other interests come into your life. Expansion of consciousness, spirituality, etc… but jealousy, if you have this feeling, will push you to move on. See jealousy as a driver for improvement.

Don't judge yourself when you are jealous of us, but order for yourself, such a relationship and go for it. We grant it to you from the bottom of our hearts. It's the best thing you can have on a relational level. You certainly don't have to be twin souls for it. We believe that such a relationship is accessible to everyone.

P.S. we cannot speak out about morbid jealousy. We have no experience with that.

Eddy and Rita

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