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DNA and HG?

Through a comment we got the following interesting questions;

“Do you know anything about twin soul DNA bloodlines? Do twin soulship have something to do with HG or is that pure Hollywood? ”

We are not too concerned with looking for "scientific explanations about the twin soulship." We are also not scientific at all. Which does not prevent us from thinking logically.

DNA bloodlines

We suspect that by 'DNA bloodlines' is meant that there is an ancestry of the current twin soul somewhere in the past and that this descent can of course be proven with a DNA analysis.

Of course it is nice when one can link one's own origins to greats from the past. But what use is that for the twin soul itself? None!

Providing proof on the basis of a DNA analysis is a completely different and complex matter. In the first place, one must have a physical remnant (blood, hair, etc ..) of the ancestor to see a link to it.

Suppose you want to confirm a link to some pharaoh through such an investigation. That would be perfectly possible, because there are quite a few mummies available that one can take a sample of. However, it should be kept in mind that the mummy could possibly belong to someone else. Being a Pharaoh was a dangerous job. These rulers will probably have had doubles, just like some rulers now.

A possible link could be established through relics of Jesus, for example. But then one would have to test all relics and there are very many. If one does not fit, all tests fall into the water.

For example, in articles by (spiritual?) Teachers, one can read that the DNA and the brain structure change when you meet your twin soul. There should at least be scientific proof of that. Or should this statement, just as there are so many, be taken for the truth?

We are always amazed at the gullibility of people who present themselves as (spiritual?) Teachers. If one goes along with what they present (as truth) one is even more gullible. Nothing can be done about that. Being more critical never hurts!


By HG is meant Hieros Gamos (Holy Marriage)? The "Holy Marriage" is above all a deep connection and communication with your own masculine and feminine energy and God. This can be accomplished without too much fuss by putting the focus entirely on God.

HG? A person has to believe in something. Better believe in something good. If daily life does not meet expectations, people look outside themselves for a supplement. Mystical stories do very well in this case. They always hold a promise.

We always advise people to put their "OWN LIFE" in order. At first it may be a bit boring and one will long for the time when everything was so wonderfully mysterious. But simplifying life brings so much joy and insight that you no longer need fairytales.

Hollywood? If the fantasy runs wild it will!

As for the twin soul ...

... we realize that the origin is completely unimportant. The Soul assumes a different body with each incarnation. She does not take into account bloodlines, DNA, biological origin, mystical stories or whatever. Even the "idea" of "possible past lives" is "totally unimportant" to the Soul!

The Soul of a twin soul only takes into account the limitations of a biological and ethical nature and ensures that both halves incarnate equally in any two individuals (male - female). The Soul "creates the opportunity" to bring the two individuals together, so that the Soul here on Earth forms one whole in the physical. Allowing the two individuals to embark on the final journey.

The Soul is the 'life-giving aspect' of the physical human being and therefore the human being is 'normally' subordinate to the Soul. From the 'free will' man sees this in a completely different way and experiences the material side or the physical body as leading. This creates a lot of confusion and a long search through mysticism, legends, fairytales, experiences of ancestors, lectures, courses, healings, etc. begins, never to stop.

As a result, the human being makes the Soul subordinate to itself. From this point of view one will never find the way to the "Higher Consciousness", for the "Higher Consciousness" can only be attained when the individual "surrenders completely to the Soul".

This is of course also for people who have the entire Soul for themselves. If they balance the masculine and feminine aspects within themselves "without regard to the human thinking of themselves and others," the path to "Higher Consciousness" will be paved with deep insights and sweet love. ;o)

Eddy and Rita

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