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In love with the Divine!

As a twin soul, we have "never" been in love with each other.

What we felt from the beginning was a "Total Love" that transcends everything and that is how we still experience it after xx years (since 2005) together. The love that we do share with each other is directed towards the Divine.

In a crush on another person, the other person serves to fill in a shortage in the life you are living right now. You "hope" that this person will fill in for you what is missing in your life at "this moment" of "your" crush. That can never go well! Your desire will always be more and higher than anything anyone will ever be able to offer you! No person is able to fulfill your desires!

Our love for each other

In our material love we complement each other in every area you can imagine and yet we long for more! We have discussed this topic extensively with each other and we will continue to discuss it. In these conversations we have both found out that we are "unreservedly" in love with the Divine.

Hence, we both create a "great love" for each other and thereby manifest "Divine Love" here on Earth.

Eddy and Rita

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