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Internet is a gift!

One often reads that the internet is not so good for socialization. It would separate people further from each other. Social media would certainly be guilty of this. Strange and also funny is that such messages can be read on the internet, including on social media.

Whaaat, internet a gift?

Certainly, if one uses the Internet for what it is intended, it is a gift. Information can be found in the blink of an eye, which would otherwise require hours of browsing through thick books. One has to judge for oneself whether the information is correct, which sharpens the discernment. You can also find dirt there, but then you have to be looking for it. With the current filters this can be somewhat limited.


Another and in our view very important advantage is that the Internet brings introverts out of isolation. Opponents of the internet and social media claim that the internet pushes these people even further into isolation. They don't know what they're talking about. We ourselves have been introverts all our lives. We remain silent when others talk, we are very good at listening. When we say something, others want to put their say above ours. So let's keep quiet.

Observation is something introverts prefer to do. Thinking about these observations takes a lot of time, so it takes a while before there is an outcome about what they have observed, but if something comes up it goes very deep. When an introverted person comes out with the result of this reflection, the attention of the masses has long been turned to another topic. On the Internet, an introverted person can share his / her thoughts without regard to what is current. He / she is not interrupted by people who are extrovert and are jumping to take over.

Social or  not social?

We are not interested in socializing and we suspect that this is the case with many introverts. We enjoy coming into contact with people, but preferably not too long. Social contacts quickly bore us. We have no friends either, we are lucky to be each other's best friends. We are not looking for friends on the internet either, but we just enjoy sharing our insights with others. Because sharing insights also brings new insights, which we can then share again with people who are interested.

The Internet thus opens a lot of doors for people who do not feel like meeting other people but still want to get in touch with others, without having to make a long-term commitment.

Eddy and Rita

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