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Relationship in a higher consciousness

Earlier we wrote that a love relationship is an instrument that can lead both partners to a relationship in a higher consciousness.

This time, we are not focusing on the twin soulship simply because the twin soulship is a compound that irrevocably guides both partners to a higher consciousness. Both become aware of this when they come together. They both know that this is the purpose of their being together.

Value judgement?

Because we live in a dualistic consciousness, descriptions of this nature will undoubtedly arrive at a split true or false. We try to transcend this consciousness as best we can. So it depends on the reader and the reader's own consciousness how one wants to read and understand this insight. We ourselves do not distinguish between right and wrong, true or false in the different layers of consciousness. There is only a difference in the value that people want to give to certain situations.

Everyone has access to a relationship in a higher consciousness

Whatever one thinks about oneself, everyone has access and the right to a relationship in a higher consciousness. Before we met, we had a vision of a high-level relationship. We couldn't live up to this with the previous partners. At the time, we also had no idea what a relationship in a higher consciousness meant. This realization just has to grow and one must be able and willing to make choices. Whether or not one makes choices has to do with free will.


Balance is the most important aspect that can lead two people to a relationship in a higher consciousness. Love is another indispensable aspect. But balance first. In order to come to a relationship in a higher consciousness, it is important that both partners, each individually, are in balance with themselves. You understand that if one of the two is out of balance, there can be no relationship in a higher consciousness.

By balance we mean that both partners should be aware of their inner masculinity and femininity and should balance them as far as possible. They do this each on their own and for themselves. This commitment is expected from both partners. Unfortunately, this balancing does not happen from one day to the next, it soon takes some time. Yet it remains important that both partners consciously and voluntarily strive for balance within themselves. If one of the two drops out, the possibility of a relationship in a higher consciousness also disappears. At least, with that partner.

Which of course does not mean that one should not take some rest to reflect on all new and innovative insights and give them a place. But this is of course negotiable with each other. We have been living together since 2005 and not a day goes by without talking together about spirituality and how we can bring our relationship to even higher knowledge and experience.

When one is in balance, it comes down to balancing the duality male-female with each other. So that one no longer sees each other as opposites but as a cooperating force. We see ourselves more as two cooperating aspects of the whole male-female. Our relationship reflects the balance that each of us has established for ourselves inwardly.


Earlier we wrote that love is an important fact. Indeed, love is the glue between two people striving together for a relationship in a higher consciousness. Everything they do, they do out of love for each other and the whole. In the beginning we were together, our love was more romantic and physical in nature.

This love has acquired a different, more nourishing quality over the years. It transcends the romantic, physical altogether. As a couple continues in raising consciousness, desires take on a completely different meaning.

Desires are nothing but a means of balancing imbalances within oneself. In a lower consciousness one looks for that fulfillment in others and / or material things. In a higher consciousness, fulfillment is no longer necessary, you are just fulfilled. Consequently, there are no more desires. There is only interest in an even higher consciousness. Sexual desire completely disappears. Because one is in balance, it no longer has any meaning outside of reproduction. All instruments still work, but sexuality itself is just pointless, the desire is no longer there. We're not saying it "should" be that way, it just works that way. All desires directed towards other people simply disappear.


Many people experience their love relationship as a limitation in their way of being. There are always compromises to be made. There is always work to be done for the relationship to succeed. Much must be covered with the mantle of love.

A relationship in a higher consciousness is based on total freedom. The more aware one is, the freer one becomes. Because one has everything in balance within, one no longer has any desires for how the partner should behave so that one would feel good in the relationship. That makes it a lot easier for both to go further in consciousness.

Eddy and Rita

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