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Spirituality: a quest along specialties?

In our insight "Am I spiritual?" we tell in a simple way that everyone is spiritual but most people have forgotten that. They have simply forgotten what it is to be spiritual. That oblivion has invited many people to raise spirituality to a level that "seems" unattainable for everyone.

Exhibition of skills

When something is presented as special, unattainable, everyone wants it. Most people want something that puts them above other ordinary people. We shouldn't be silly about that, you want that, we want that. Everyone wants to be special in their own way. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you keep looking it is good. For that quest will, for some, eventually result in a different feeling and awareness. Passing skills - presented as spiritual - during that quest is inevitable. Here the seeker must appeal to his / her discernment. He / she must ask himself what one is now with those skills.

These skills that are presented as special are seen on "spiritual" fairs. They all seem to be there to show the person who is seeking a spiritual direction. In reality, these abilities are there to entice the seeker to follow the outer path. So that he / she will search outside of him/herself instead of choosing the inner path.

If one looks very honestly at the results of the outer path, one sees clearly that this is a path that leads the seeker away from his / her "True Inner Self." If this were not the case, the world, with all those "enlightened" people choosing the outer path, would look completely different.

The secret of secrets

Most people like mysteries. We too, we can enjoy it to the fullest. We prefer series like Lost, 4400, X-files, etc…. We are completely involved in the story. Just delicious! But that's not the reality. They are just stories to entertain.

Religions also have their stories, their mysticism, their rituals, their symbols. But unfortunately, the secret is that there are no secrets. There is only the life that one lives, and one has to live with it. This sounds a bit raw, but it just is. That is the reality. There is nothing mysterious about life. That can be quite disappointing, but it doesn't have to be.

Inner richness

That one goes in search of an outer path has to do with not knowing the inner richness that every person carries. In every human being there is a potential power ready to be used when he becomes aware of it. This wealth patiently waits for man to be ready to tap it. Once he / she starts and continues with it, all specialties lose their shine. It is seen that it is just superficial appearances that seek to keep man away from his inner richness.

Seeing this really and clearly, the seeker can begin a life without specialties and secrets. A life so simple and fulfilling that no one believes it is possible.

Eddy and Rita

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