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Why the spiritual path is so lonely

That's because you are special. There is no one but you who walks that path. You have been chosen to walk the spiritual path. God told you to! There is no one but you who understands what this world is all about. You walk this path because you are being trained to save the world. ...

No, silly, none of that. Thinking that way will keep you wondering why it feels like the path is lonely. The truth is, there is only one person who can walk your path. Indeed, you yourself. Who else will walk it for you? As one progresses on that path, it will also seem less lonely. Loneliness is just a feeling and feelings can be played with. Feelings resonate in the duality consciousness. One can go in different directions with it. One can reverse them to the opposite, but one can also choose the middle way. The neutral path that does not choose one or the other.

Selfishness and vanity

Many will disagree, yet the spiritual path is the most selfish and vain path there is. As said before, who will walk your path if you don't do it yourself? So no one but you. In the distant past, someone famous once said that the gate is narrow. And indeed it is a narrow gate. Everyone has to go through that gate on their own. Nobody else can be taken.

Anyone who thinks that he / she can take others on his / her path and / or thinks that he / she can empower others, lives in a fantasy world. This thought stems from selfishness and vanity. I and no one else can do that, they think. It is true that everyone "must" do it themselves. Even if you have trouble with the word "must". You "must" do it yourself.

Going the path together

in 2005 we chose to go the path together. Anyone who thinks we can do it for each other is thinking wrong. We too "must" each go our own path. We "must" think only about ourselves and our own spiritual growth. Which is not to say that we cannot support each other. And that is exactly what we do for each other. We investigate and discuss everything that interests us, so that we can both continue, each on his / her own path.

If one of us does not want to continue, the other must choose to continue. That is the agreement we have with each other.

Is the path really lonely?

If you are just beginning to realize that the path is lonely, you wish you should not walk it alone. The hardest thing is to keep following the path until you get to a point where it is no longer so lonely. More people are coming into your life who think it is a lonely path. Are you still lonely then?

There are millions of people here on Earth who feel lonely on the spiritual path. This feeling prevents them from expressing their full potential. Can you imagine what would happen if they did? If instead of focusing on the lonely feeling, they focused on their potential, spiritual power?

Can you imagine what tremendous transformative energy would be released?

Be aware that you are not alone in walking the spiritual path. Come into your power, do it yourself, no one can do that for you!

Welcome to the club of the non-lonely spiritual seekers!

Eddy and Rita

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