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We are very simple people and try to keep our site as simple as possible.

In understanding life, one has different channels and directions to follow. When it comes to explaining life, one has the ability to examine all the processes operating on this planet and give them a place in your thinking. There are billions of processes operating. Do you not think it is a hopeless task to follow all these processes to the origin in order to find an explanation for your own presence here on earth?

It is because we live in such a simple way that we only look at the outcome of these processes and that, we believe, is enough to form a picture of where this life is leading.

If you look at the results of the 'natural happening' here on earth, you can only determine for yourself that 'all processes lead to harmony'. Even if you don't see it that way. Take a volcanic eruption or an earthquake. These processes arise from the self-sustaining, self-healing nature of the earth. Within the Earth, tensions and enormous pressure arise that, if there were no eruptions, would cause the Earth to simply explode. Of course there are many victims. Difficult to understand for the mind that only looks at what's going on right now. If we take a quick look at how it would proceed if the Earth did not have these outlets, we can only conclude that the entire Earth and all its inhabitants would be destroyed.

If you look further, you will find that all processes without exception here on Earth are an 'energetic path to harmony'. Similarly, the twin soulship is a process that connects the masculine and the feminine into a "harmonious whole." All humans carry both masculine and feminine energy within them and must find a balance within themselves in order to ultimately understand these processes. Only in this way they can understand the meaning of all processes that lead to harmony, and live them from the simplicity.

Harmony is simplicity.

Eddy and Rita

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