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Copy and paste

"Copy and paste, a child can do it! Deep insights, on the other hand, cannot be copied. You have to live them yourself and that is often lacking."

Copy, we all know it. You observe people with whom you associate and copy and paste what suits you best on your own life.

Many people who "think" they have met their twin soul, want to share this as soon as possible with everyone they think should know and a new blog or site arises on the net. In the beginning everything is wonderful (a crush always is) and beautiful poems and wonderful messages come about how nice it is with the newly discovered twin soul. In our experience it should stay that way forever, it should get even "better"!

Unfortunately, after a short or slightly longer time, that beautiful relationship turns into hell for many. People wonder why this is the case and search the internet for a "possible" explanation. These statements, which are usually negative, are copied and pasted on the previously loving site or blog and the puppets start to dance.

When one copies and pastes texts from others, the intention is that one also understands what one is pasting on his / her own site or blog, so that you can also respond to any questions. If you cannot respond out of incomprehension, you might as well not have been able to paste those texts. You should also know, when you post negative messages, that you 'accept' them in your own life too!

If you share negative messages from others on your own site, they also 'affect' your own life! You copied and pasted them on yourself. It's very subtle, but if you sow negativity, you will reap it too.

Hence, people who write negatively about the twin soulship are left in misery over and over again. They feed themselves on negativity and attract negativity over and over again. It's that simple!

Eddy and Rita

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