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Spiritual life, "Wisdom"

Wisdom makes life a lot easier. You will gain insight into your own life much faster and you will also know faster when you are following the right path. You know which choices you have and which choice is best for that one moment in that one situation. You also know that those moments and those situations can be combined. And that the outcome of a choice depends on that choice itself. There is only one condition in which wisdom can work. That wisdom must be real. Studied wisdom will never lead to the best outcome of the best choice. All outcomes are subject to an inward understanding or not understanding of the wisdom one takes into his / her considerations.

Book wisdom

In our previous insight “Spirituality, A Never Ending Story” we write that if one becomes spiritually interested one has to start somewhere. Everything has a beginning. In my (Eddy) case my quest started around my 16th to never stop. I liked to philosophize with friends about life and what it would be like if the world and all its inhabitants were at its best. I didn't read any spiritual books then, that came later. Around the age of 19 I started reading books by Krishnamurti and others. I have already read so many books that I no longer know which authors they were. In a way, that's also totally unimportant. Just Krishnamurti, because he could write so wonderfully mysterious. You had to be able to think deeply about what he had written. I understood very little of it. But it just seemed wonderful to me to be able to fathom life the way he did. Many authors passed by. I tried to absorb a great wealth of wisdom. I read as if my life depended on it.

At one point, it will be about 18 years ago, the book “The Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding came my way. I devoured the book. The atmosphere Spalding created was so magical. So inviting. I then read the book 3 times in succession.

When Rita asked me in the beginning which books she could read to start with, I recommended that book to her. Yet it took another six months after we moved in together before she started reading it. She then finished it all, which, given the fact that she never read books, was quite an achievement for her. The book gave her all the insights she had been waiting for all her life. We began to read the book together. That is, I read the book and we talked together about the insights it gave us. Especially the dialogues of the Masters had our undivided attention. We have read and discussed the book together about 6 times. Each time different insights emerged about the same subjects, which we felt were higher in vibration than the previous ones.

Sometimes we refer to the book again in our conversations. Not as much as a few years ago. And that has to do with deepening our own insights. Without expanding, internalizing and also living one's own insights, one cannot go further then the wisdom that books provide. One will always get stuck with the highest insight that one takes to be true. One will always remain anxious along the boundaries of that insight. Afraid that there is nothing more to be found outside the framework of that insight.

Magic words

Language, words. It is a beautiful instrument. I only found out at a later age that I like to play with language. That must have been around my 35th birthday, I think. Before, I didn't think about it that much either. Other things occupied me. I have started writing down my dreams. That was nice, I had a notebook where I wrote down the dreams I could remember. Only later, when I had already read a lot of books, I thought, I will also write a book. It never happened and it never will.

This site is full of insights, if we bundle them together we have a whole book full. The reason we don't publish a book is that it is static. Spirituality is so dynamic that it is difficult to capture in words, descriptions and definitions. A website can always be adapted according to changing insights. Sometimes we sometimes delete an insight because it no longer fits our current insights.

The magic thing about words is that they can be used to create an atmosphere that is very mysterious. This atmosphere can be found in many spiritual books. It gives the reader the feeling that no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to achieve what is written. Very often a visual image is built up of a person who, if he knows enough, he has the wisdom in his possession. The promise is, if you take in this wisdom you are enlightened. You don't need more. The feeling and what is supposed are diametrically opposed. That can never go well.


Many, many authors of short spiritual descriptions often quote others to support what they have written. Perhaps they think this will make the text a bit longer and more interesting. As far as we are concerned, that's just window dressing. It seems as if they need a coat rack to hang their story on. If they can't figure it out themselves, they just start quoting. Quoting others makes it seem like an author is wise.

Then why don't these people move on?

Nowadays I don't read that much anymore. Not books anyway. Every now and then I read short stories that others write about spirituality. Here and there I read something to Rita and very often she says: “Yes, that is nice, but why don't those people continue? They know it so well and they can explain it so beautifully, but they don't go any further. They do nothing themselves with what they have written. ” then I always answered: "But those people will continue anyway." and then I read another piece and she always said, "No, it is clear that this person, this author is not going any further." I always asked how she could know and every time she said it just came to her. Well, then I have to assume that it is.

Until I got that experience myself this week. I read an article on a site by a well-known writer, of which I had previously read a number of books, which nevertheless inspired me quite a bit. It had been a long time since I had read anything from this author. It was one of his latest articles and indeed I had to conclude for myself that what he had written was nothing different from what he wrote 30 years ago. Now you will say, yes, but how can you proceed with that and determine that that person is not going further in spiritual growth? Yes, that is the question, the insight was just there.

Whether that person continues or not is of no interest to me at all. What is interesting to me is that at the moment of this insight I was able to detach myself from a kind of idolization of other authors. An idolization that prevented my inner wisdom from expressing and developing.

To quote the book of the Masters: "You do not need thick books!".

A little inspiration and the will to express and live your own "inner wisdom" is enough.

Eddy and Rita

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