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Bad Movie?

On our English homepage we write that we live in a time when many imperfections are brought to light. It just seems unstoppable. We are not left alone anymore. One has not yet recovered from the one thing, or the other thing is already there. It takes a lot of energy and also discernment from each of us to continue to deal with it. A lot of people think they are in a bad movie and in a sense it is.


All items discussed are enlarged in a grotesque way. No subject escapes it. This magnification doesn't just happen, it has a reason. There will always be something that will shock people. Everyone, unless one locks themselves up without TV and internet, comes into contact with it. This should be enough to make every person think.

Think about what these items do to you and what your thoughts are about them. Whether those thoughts are still consistent with the present time. Isn't it time to switch from outdated thoughts to innovative thinking? That one is going to link a different definition to the new normal than just the limitations that one's own thinking places on it?

Outdated hypnotic patterns

We will make it very simple, so that everyone immediately understands what we mean. There used to be a time when people were automatically labeled inferior and / or superior along with skin color. You didn't want to think about getting out of that role. A relatively long history of oppression and being oppressed had established those definitions. Someone who thought otherwise was not normal and had to be removed, sometimes violently. Violence caused them to sink even deeper into those self-assumed patterns.

We now see those patterns coming back in a grotesque way to be released, to be healed. Yet many people still cling to some role in which they see themselves as inferior or superior according to their own feeling, of the moment. As long as one sees oneself in this way one will never be able to step out of those patterns. It is not only about skin color, homosexuality is also discussed. Traditions are also given the opportunity to be revised. Governments and also financial institutions are in need of change. Name a topic and it's there. Somehow it will be magnified.

Most people have certain ideas of what they think something or a situation should "be" like. Which causes them to get stuck in restrictive patterns. All the grotesque expressions that are now visible can ensure that each person individually, can come to a certain vision about himself, so that he / she can adjust his / her own thinking and way of life.

And they will adjust. There is no choice.

Don't pass on your own anger to others

The many grotesque expressions all lead to anger about the things that are lost and that people want to save for…? The offspring? Because it makes people feel good, even if it is not good? … Apparently letting go and changing is a big problem for many people. Our experience with anger is that it is better not to forward that anger to others. Not because it is untidy or because it has a religious or other value in containing anger.

No, simply because, your own anger invites you to see what you are still struggling with. It tells you that you have something that can get out. Something that you "can and may" let go. Something from a past that very often was not your past but that of your ancestors. And that as a result you are saddled with a hatred that is not yours.

By examining that anger one comes at a certain moment in possession of that anger and one can claim it as one's own, so that one can give it away. Not to others, because they are unrelated to your anger. Just give them to the Universe or God or the Source ... Taking possession of that anger is important in the sense that you cannot give away something that is not yours. As long as you deny that you are angry, you do not take that anger into your own possession and you cannot give it to the divine. As a result, you will remain angry forever.

Improve the world, start with yourself! Get out of that bad movie and rewrite your life. You can do it!

Eddy and Rita

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