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Spiritual Life, "Unity"

Unity is a beautiful concept. If one brainstorms about it, one inevitably gets other beautiful concepts such as, love, peace, equilibrium, balance, harmony, ... You can undoubtedly add more. A life in unity is a sought after item for many spiritual seekers. One wants to spent a lot of time, energy and money on it. This can be seen in the many courses and treatments that are offered to get people who are out of balance back into balance.

Duality consciousness

The other side of the coin of unity is duality. Duality. Which means that for every concept there is an opposite concept. Good-bad, love-hate, etc.… In connection with free will one must always have a choice of two opposites. If there were only good or bad, a choice could never be made. Free will would then be totally useless.

In principle it should be very easy to make a choice that could be nourishing and constructive in your own life. Whether the choice is good or bad will become clear after the choice. For someone els, the choice may be bad, while it may be good for yourself. For example, if you decide to leave your partner, that could possibly be a bad choice from you for that partner. That choice may bring many good things to you, but it may also bring bad things.

In the duality consciousness everything is very relative. One must take into account one as well as the other. Our experience is that the further one evolves towards unity consciousness, the fewer choices have to be made. One simply surrenders to the consciousness which is more oneness than the pure duality consciousness.


While duality is really just a simple, surmountable problem (you choose one or the other), division is a grand problem. Certainly the human being who is divides within himself. There are very few people who are not inwardly divided. Many people would like to live in a different way but apparently find it far too difficult to make the choice to look at themselves and clear up what divides them within themselves.

Ignorance and the unwillingness to change, creates an eternal obstacle between oneself and the unity consciousness. A man who is divided in himself can never find out who he really is. He will always have to deal with inner conflicts.

How can I see that I am divided within myself?

That's pretty easy. By observing oneself one can find out whether one is divided or not. Division is generally accepted. It is then said that one cannot be the same person everywhere. There are plenty of reasons to believe that one cannot be oneself everywhere. People simply adapt to the circumstances, to the people with whom they come into contact. So it is that people cannot be the same everywhere. At work, people are different from home, from family, from sports club. Without often realizing it, one has created another self everywhere. Most people will say that this is very normal. Is that right? Is that quite normal? Is it normal to be so divided within oneself?

Ego this, ego that

No, it is not normal to be someone else everywhere. To be able to investigate and expose this abnormality, a nice concept has been devised. Ego. Now ego simply means "I" in Latin. There is no more to be found behind it. In psychology, the word ego has acquired a negative connotation. The ego has been split into two opposite values. Good and bad. With which one wants to prove that a person always consists of two opposite values. The good ego is desired but the bad ego must be discarded. This is just one division. In this way people are divided into different types of ego, which in themselves are divided into good and bad.

One then speaks of spiritual ego, the work ego, the home ego, the ... ego. Can you still follow? With so many subdivisions of yourself, you inevitably come into conflict with yourself. All the different egos that you have created for yourself are expressed in different places and situations. You can never really be yourself. Not at home, not at work, nowhere can you be who you really are. You are just divided within yourself. That cannot keep going well. That is also the cause of all illnesses, both physical and mental.

Just be yourself

Just being yourself is the only solution. Before you get that far, you have of course already done a lot of work on yourself. You have often thought to quit and have often found desperately that all the work you have done so far means nothing. Those thoughts and that despair are not at all strange to me (Eddy). Rita does not know it that way, she had not created innumerable selves. She was just herself, even if others didn't like it. There is therefore less to transcend, to solve.

Transcend all selves except your true self

When one speaks about ego one usually talks about the less good qualities that are attributed to it. Because one has created many selves, one also has a lot of work to let go of the bad qualities of each self or ego. That is just a hopeless task. So there is only one solution. Do not concentrate on each ego individual, but let each die on its own. You can let go of any split 'I' by uncovering it and letting it dissolve.

I myself had created many 'selves'. Like a chameleon, I adapted to any situation. Even though I knew it wasn't right. As a result of which I had split myself a lot into different selves. It took me about 15 years to transcend them all. I solved the latter this week. This 'self' had hidden itself behind characteristics that cannot even be called that bad.

There is nothing wrong with it if you want every person to become aware of their spirituality. Something is wrong when you start challenging people. If you are going to tell them that they are not doing well and that they do not understand what they are sharing with the world. And that was what I did, while in the past I also pretended that I knew everything and then shared it. The pot blames the kettle for seeing black. I threw out this 'self' this week and now I can freely share what I want without challenging people. Without judging them as wrong. Only now do I see that it is not my job to change them. They have to do that themselves. Of their own accord, of their own free will.

Transcending all self-created selves or call it egos as you wish can take you further on the path to unity consciousness. A consciousness in which one can let go of everything. Finally I feel free to write whatever I want to write. I finally realized that I can write for the pleasure of writing itself. Without having to teach. Without checking whether people are following me. That is not necessary, everyone goes his way and I mine. Rita also goes her own way independently of me. Yet we do it together, simply because we like to explore together how things work. Of our own free will, we cannot and do not want to push each other.

What a wonderful freedom!

Eddy and Rita

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