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Spiritual Life, "Get to know yourSelf"

Until today (21-03-2021) I (Eddy) thought I knew what it meant to get to know your Self. … I was wrong. Easy. I didn't know at all what it really meant.

Man or the Divine Being?

Who did I want to get to know? Like most people, I did not have such a beautiful childhood in which I could reach a higher spiritual realization. Not that my childhood was that bad. Not in retrospect. When you are sensitive, everything you experience is magnified and you have the feeling that the things you experience are very bad. That was the case with me.

I saw too many things that I felt were wrong. That led to me asking myself whether I fit into this society. I know that I am not alone in that, there will undoubtedly be more people who have that feeling. I looked at myself and the behavior of others to find out who I was.

I did not realize that I was doing that. Rita always told me that it was not necessary to find out why one behaves in a certain way and what one thinks in order to arrive at the knowledge of the 'True Self'. And I always said I understood what she meant, but just kept looking at my behaviors and thoughts, and finding the why in order to get to self-knowledge. Now I know that this is a very limited view that arises from ignorance of the Divine Self. One then does not get any further than the study of the human being. A higher vision can never emerge from that.

Illogical world

If one looks at what's going on in this world. How people interact with each other. How they harm each other, you cannot understand how people can be so inhuman. That is also not understandable. There is no spiritual explanation for it. There is no human explanation for it. In fact, there is no explanation at all. One can only conclude from the inner knowing that we live in an illogical world here on earth. It is impossible to get to know oneself through this world. One has to go higher than that if one wants to get to know oneSelf. One must let go of who one previously thought one was and look only at the “Free Divine Being” that one has always been and will always remain.

Eddy and Rita

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