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Spiritual Life, “Love Relationships”

Relationships have always intrigued me. Love relationships certainly got my attention. I (Eddy) often wondered why people got into a love relationship and then misbehaved in it. That didn't seem to make sense to me.

My parents were skippers. Which meant that I often stayed with my maternal grandparents. I've never heard them talk to each other. Once, I was about 7 years old, I think, I asked my grandmother why she was married to grandfather. For his beautiful hair, she said. When asked why they didn't talk to each other, she said it was to keep her tongue from wearing out. Which of course was nonsense, I already knew that at the time. I did not go into it any further.

The relationship my parents had was not an example of a loving relationship either. I had an image for myself of a love relationship that could not break. Still, how well I and my previous partners tried their best, I couldn't live up to that image. The will was there, but it just wasn't right.

The image remained in the foreground

Whatever happened, no matter how I felt, no matter how emotional it was for me. I kept holding the image because I knew there was someone somewhere with whom I could have such a love affair. And indeed, the relationship that Rita and I have is one that goes without saying. There is no work to be done. It is not a task to be together. The relationship we have together is spiritually enriching for both.

Twin soulship

At a fairly young age I longed for a beautiful relationship. I didn't know about twin soulship at the time, I only found out when I was 45. I was very sure that my twin soul was out there somewhere in this world. I had already read a bit about twin soulship and found that most of what they suggested about it was not consistent with the feeling I had about it. And indeed, twin soulship is much simpler. It has nothing to do with dualistic concepts such as attraction and rejection, etc. It has to do with letting go. Let go of what doesn't apply. Letting go of what stands in the way of unity. Let go of what can come between them.
Letting go of all false thoughts about love relationships, especially those about twin soulship and moving on together in oneness.

Eddy and Rita

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