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Spiritual life, "The feminine will save the world!"

Years ago we attended a lecture that was promisingly titled "The Feminine Will Save the World!". That sounded good and we went there of course. Not that we went to lectures much, but we could not ignore such a promise.


Was that a disappointment. The speaker could not keep quiet about women who went to war armed in the past. And everything that did not fit in with their experience had to be fought. Is that an example of femininity, we wondered. We have often talked about it and came to the conclusion that these were women who wanted to make a difference in the male world.

If you want to mean something as a woman in a man's world, put on a trouser suit. You participate in sexual innuendos and you go boozing together, telling dirty jokes. If you, as a woman, feel at home here, that's no problem of course. Whether men find that really attractive is still the question. It would be strange if Rita started behaving like this.


To find out how the feminine is going to save the world, we have no choice but to look at the two sexes that exist, male-female. Many see these two elements as a duality. Two opposites fighting each other. This thought arises from the duality thinking. While they are actually two aspects of the physical human being. In connection with free will one may make two opposing opposites of it. But the world will not benefit from this thought.

Collaborating, creative forces

To find out how the feminine will save the world, one must have some idea of ​​how the masculine and feminine work. In simple terms, it can be said that the masculine is rational, conquering and the feminine intuitive, conservative. Of course, many more qualities can be linked to it. But these are enough to come to an understanding of how the feminine will make the world a better place. And can she do it alone, without the masculine?

In order to create in this world one needs two opposite forces. Two forces that complement and lift each other. You guessed it, no, the feminine alone cannot create. She needs the masculine to be able to control that creative power together. The masculine is the expanding, conquering force. If one lets go of that power in the wild, it takes possession of everything that comes its way. The masculine wants to own the whole world. Just because it's possible. There is nothing more to it. That is pure masculinity without the interference of the feminine.

The feminine is the contracting force that is absolutely necessary. It is the power that brings the masculine to higher thoughts. She keeps the masculine power within limits that, when they are exceeded, plunge the world into an abyss. It is necessary to give direction, wisdom and meaning to the masculine power. Without the feminine, the masculine is separate from God.

Feminine, let yourself be heard!

In order to arrive at a different society, a different experience, it is extremely necessary that the feminine takes its rightful place. By this we do not mean the crying woman who feels misunderstood or the woman who wants to conquer her place in the male world. No, by this we mean a woman who is fully aware of her femininity and the power that goes with it. A woman who is spiritually mature. It is up to each individual, male or female, to bring within himself both energies to spiritual maturity.

Awareness of your own inner masculinity and femininity

Every person has both energies in them. It is intended to be balanced in order to arrive at a higher vision that is truly nourishing to the entire world. A vision that is not only aimed at making money and/or leaving everything as it is. One cannot find balance without being aware of these two inner forces. One will only look at who one is outwardly, a man or a woman. It will then be said that certain behaviors and thoughts are associated with gender. Which is a very limiting view.

Men and women "must" work together!

To support this claim, I like to use an example from our own lives. I like to write. Very gladly. Certainly these kinds of texts. I have already tried to write something else but that does not go well for me. This is me as a man. Possessions do not interest me, yet I want to expand. I don't want followers. I do want to reach people, tell them there is a different way of life. A way that is more loving, different, more spiritual. That is why I write.

I write a text and then I read it to Rita and she gives her opinion. Usually we have already discussed the subject before. And then she tells what her thoughts are on that subject. She often says “No, that's not what I mean. You write it differently than I said it. ”. I think I wrote what she meant after all. But I adjust the text anyway and then I notice that it means something different from what I had written. Sometimes I have written so much that does not match what we discussed and then she says, just put it on. She would leave it that way.

Usually I do not put the text online. I'd rather erase what I've written than put it online. As a man I want to grow spiritually, I want to move forward and I know that Rita also wants to move forward. If only we would leave everything that way for the sake of…? no growth would be possible. We wouldn't work together.

I am alone and/or have no partner who support me in my spiritual growth

Whether you are alone or with someone makes no difference. Even people who are alone can examine their own polarity. As a woman one can think “How would a man think and react?”. A man may wonder what a woman would think. It is also interesting to talk to friends about all kinds of topics. Spiritual growth also means that one adjusts one's own thoughts according to the insights one acquires.


When we split ourselves on the outer plan, Rita represents the feminine energy and I the masculine. I want to move forward, forward, forward ... . I think more in material terms. How something works and how to deal with it. I would share everything that comes to my mind, including the unthoughtful, often lesser insights. Rita always asks me to think and consider what I'm going to share. From her femininity she is closer to her intuition than I am. It's not how much one share that matters. The quality of what one share is much more important. A wise advice that can only be followed from a balanced state.

The feminine will save the world if every person will become aware of their own feminine energy and give it its rightful place in their own experience. It is an energy that gives wisdom and direction to one's own divine life here on earth.

Eddy and Rita

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