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Spiritual life, "Spiritual Well-being"

We are obsessed with psychological well-being, says a psychiatry professor in a video message. This cannot be good, he adds. That makes sense, because an obsession can lead to perversions. However, being caring about psychological well-being can never be bad. But what is psychological well-being? What is understood by it? Someone can be psychologically well, if he/she has everything his/her heart desires and has no further desires. This is how most people live. If I have this or if I have that, then I will be happy. And indeed there are people who are happy with that and don't want anything else. Is this psychological well-being? Does it stop there? Just keep holding on to what you have? If that is the case for you, you are a happy person with a high sense of well-being. So everything is fine. You don't have to worry any more.

But what if you have everything and you are not psychologically well?

Then one is not satisfied and one yearns for more. How far can your desires go? Do you want more possessions? What do you want and is what you want a realistic goal? Do you want to go further in the matter? Our view is that as long as there is something to be obtained, one must go further to obtain it. If you stay in the matter with your desires, you will encounter a lot of limitations. If your desire is to own everything on Earth, there will always be people who will not allow you to. You may have many possessions, but you will never be able to own everything. Other people just don't allow that. The desire will drive you crazy, making one obsessive and eventually perverting the desire. This is how wars and crime arise.

Deeper insights

What we are seeing now, at this time, is a deep desire to understand. People no longer understand what is going on in the world. We live in an upside-down world where crime is rewarded and good citizenship is punished. It is a perversion that is being exaggerated in the media. This magnification is not a haphazard act. Although most people have no idea why, it is useful. It makes people who have fallen asleep to think. Now, in connection with free will, one has the choice to opt for criminal behavior (because everyone does it), thereby giving in to the perverting of one's own psyche. Or one can choose to look beyond just the psychic layer that resonates in all human beings. It is in this looking beyond mere psychological well-being that one takes the next step towards spiritual well-being.


Before continuing with this insight, we would like to make it clear once again that in our experience spirituality has nothing to do with what is presented in the world as being spiritual. Clairvoyance, speaking to the deceased, etc… we believe has nothing to do with spirituality. It's psychic. The paranormal is an intermediate layer created by man. It is a layer that stands between the human and the spiritual. In fact, it is an illusion precisely because it was created out of human limited thinking. It simply does not exist for us. One cannot derive higher insights from it. A deceased person can never be present in a higher consciousness in that paranormal plane. One can never really get clear answers from the paranormal either. It is always mysterious and one must always add one's own interpretation to it.

The next, logical step

The next logical step to psychological well-being is spiritual well-being. Initially, there are several steps that lead to spiritual well-being. In the video message, the professor explains that in the past it was easier for people to make choices. In fact, they didn't have that many choices. Everything was forced on them in one way or another. People were not so aware of that at the time. It was normal. "God creates the day and we go through it." was so what the general thought. Only those who wanted to move forward could develop. Usually in matter. Spiritual development was linked to religions. At that time, ordinary people did not have time to do that. That was the consciousness of that time. In the meantime, the consciousness of many has risen to a higher level. But not high enough yet. Many, including “spiritual” counselors, get stuck in the paranormal intermediate layer and believe that it is spirituality.

Physical well-being

A person continues to develop and that is really fascinating. For example, only last year we became aware on a deeper level of the importance of physical well-being in spiritual growth. We did not feel well physically. We were overweight, drank too much alcohol, we didn't exercise enough. At the beginning of last year we started living differently, healthier. Since we have been living like this, more and more insights have come to us. Insights that we probably wouldn't have gained if we continued to live on the same footing. Everything is energy and your body must be in order to receive higher energies.

Emotional well-being

The next layer of consciousness is emotional well-being. I (Eddy) had a lot of trouble with my emotions in the past. Which made me unable to really be who I am. I had an idea of ​​what I wanted to be and pretended I was. But that's not the reality that's pretending. The day Rita and I start living together, those emotional feelings disappear. Just like that, poof ..., nothing more. They never came back either. We suspect that has to do with getting into the flow of your predestination. You live your blueprint, as it were. Also emotionally one must be in order to be able to channel the spiritual energies.

Psychological well-being

Science knows a lot about the psyche but not enough yet. She tries to map the psyche in order to be able to correct defects with therapies and/or medicines. It is also thought that psychological well-being has to do with a good feeling that comes from a kind of acceptance of the life one is living and the idea that there is nothing more to be gained from life. It is also believed that material well-being can provide psychological well-being. The social aspect is also linked to psychological well-being.

This is a very limited vision that only looks at the flaws and not what a psychologically healthy person might look like. What does a psychologically healthy person look like? Is there anyone who really knows?

All layers of consciousness are equally important if one is to be a truly spiritually aware person. The psychic consciousness layer is closer to the higher, spiritual. Many people are looking for more but they do not realize that more can be found in their own spiritual consciousness layer. In fact, most people fear their own spirituality. They don't want anything to do with it. They also want nothing to do with religion. Yet everywhere one sees people practicing the same rituals that are used in religions. Burn candles and incense. meditate, sing, give and receive initiations to each other, recite texts that actually mean praying, chant mantras, etc ...

Spiritual well-being

Many people have a deep desire for "more" but do not know what that "more" means. They look to the outside world and project their desires onto matter and/or others and believe that the solution to their desires will be found there. The truth is, the fulfillment of those desires can be found in oneself. External circumstances can never lead to spiritual well-being.

Spiritual life means total surrender to the spiritual energy that automatically brings man to life in higher thoughts, feelings and awareness.

Eddy and Rita

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