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Spiritual life, "Learning to Understand"

A baby does not understand much yet. It is only when he becomes aware of his environment that he begins to learn to understand. As the baby grows up, he will try to understand the world around him. As he/she grows up, he/she will question you. "Why?" is a question that you will be asked ad nauseam. In that simple question lies a deep longing for knowledge. A mentally healthy person will continue to ask that question throughout his/her life. As one grows in consciousness, the questions arise; "How is that possible?", "Is this correct?" and “How should it continue?”. Later the question is asked: "What can I do with my life?" Many things come your way that are incomprehensible. However you turn it and turn it, they are incomprehensible. There are also things that are not so difficult to understand, but one do not understand them because one is too learned and therefore do not understand the simple things in life anymore.

Confusing statements and circumstances

What I and Rita remember is that we always or often looked at our environment with incomprehension. There were many things that just couldn't be understood. For example, Rita was often aware, at a young age, that people were lying. She just saw that in those people. Very confusing because she thought those people knew she knew they were lying and yet they continued to lie. Why do those people do that, she wondered.

I looked at my surroundings and saw people treating each other badly. They themselves could not bear that, but they still did it with others. That didn't fit with the simple, childlike vision I had at the time. We are now both nearly 63 and we still look with disbelief at others who lie and cheat and treat each other badly. As a child we already knew there was a different way of interacting with each other, now we are absolutely sure of that. It can be different!

What "can" one learn to understand?

In the above question we emphasize the word "can". There is no question of having to, simply because there is no obligation. Everyone lives his/her own life. Choices are made in that life. We do this of our own free will. We need information to be able to make those choices. Before making choices, one tries to understand the difference that particular choice will make. So one learns to understand. There are many factors involved in understanding. What one learned, how one was raised, what the experiences are and to what extent one continues to hold on to what one has learned and those experiences from the past, etc… All these elements play a role in the choices that one will ultimately make.

In order to make the best choice, it would be best to let go of everything that was previously learned to understand and start over. But that would mean starting all over again. Which is of course impossible. What one can do is learn to understand that one is a changeable spiritual being. That one can keep changing. That one can continue to learn to understand. Learning to understand never stops here on earth.

We ourselves have understood that learning to understand the interactions here on earth does not mean that one learns to understand perversions, but that one learns to understand what it is like to live as a human being who is aware of his basic humanity. In other words, at all times one considers what is possible and what is not possible in terms of humanity. That is quite a task. Of course one will make mistakes, of course one will not immediately live according to the most, higher insights one can have about basic humanity. But that is not bad, one learns to understand and that is already a lot. One must also learn to understand that one can correct mistakes and that one does it primarily for oneself.

Learning to understand higher spiritual thoughts

Nobody says it is easy. Certainly not me (Eddy). Very often I write down something that I have not understood. Rita and I have a lot of conversations about all kinds of things, but spirituality is the main part. It is therefore very interesting to learn to understand oneself as a spiritual person. Where basic humanity and the life of that humanity ends, spiritual life begins. One cannot live in a higher spiritual consciousness without having a notion of basic humanity.

So, Rita and I discuss a lot of things and I write. As I write I am learning to understand what we have discussed. It is not easy to write down the simple insights that emerge from our conversations. Why is it like that? In trying to understand I'm going to make it harder than it is. The insights that are so simple do not come into their own in this way. They become incomprehensible. And that is what is seen in many spiritual descriptions. Most people give up when it comes to spirituality. It is too difficult. They think they cannot understand themselves. While spirituality is no mystery, it is a thoughtful way of living on a higher energetic level.

In learning to understand one usually goes too far. I do it too, it's a habit. When I read what I have written to Rita, she often says that I am going to look too far. It is in these communications that we both learn to understand what it is to develop further into spiritual people in a simple way.

Learning to understand can come in many forms, but only understanding what you are as a spiritual person will free you from the tensions of the things you do not understand. You know there are many things in this world that shouldn't be there, but you don't try to understand them anymore. Simply because they are incomprehensible.


Learning to understand is in the details. As an example I use the above sentence: "Learning to understand can come in all kinds of forms, but only the understanding of what you are as a spiritual person will free you from the tensions of the things you do not understand." Initially I had written… of who you are as a spiritual person… It is a small detail that Rita pointed out to me. Who or what makes a big difference. Who implies who you are as an individual. What means what you really are, a spiritual being, without more. The former is limited to the individual, the latter is infinite.

We explore those details in order to attune ourselves even more finely to the divine energy. It's like tuning into a radio channel. You have to be able to fine tune so that all noise disappears and you only have a pure sound.

Don't get discouraged!

When you read our insights, you may feel that what we write is unlikely. Not bad, before I could write down these insights I had to throw out everything I had previously learned about spirituality. More than 25 years working on what I thought was spirituality had to get out. Rita, who, before we got to know each other, had never been involved in spirituality, understood it more than I did. I knew too much, too much nonsense actually. It took me 15 years to let it all go.

In order to understand what we write you do not have to have followed any higher studies. We are both very poorly educated. All one needs is the will to understand and to let go of what one thinks has understood in order to arrive at a higher vision. Learning to understand is an endless process, it never stops!

Eddy and Rita