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Symptoms of being happy

Find your life purpose in one second!

Relationship with God

Is twin soulship a farce?

Boyhood dream

Does everyone have a twin soul?

The blueprint of our life


The Soul indicates!

Insights into the opposites

Guardians from the psychic realm


Heaven bearers

Psychic realm or field

"So-called" twin soulship = milking out

The way to the Higher Consciousness Field

Communication with the Soul

Unconditional Love in practice

Unconditional love

The efficacy of ideas and philosophies

Characters of twin souls

The workings of the Soul

Twin soulship: "Romantic?"

Emotions in the twin soulship

Living like twin souls

Soul and Suffering

Do you write together?

Free will

Twin souls in conflict situations

The Soul and the physical existence

Twin souls: Spiritual maturity

In the land of the blind, one-eyed is king

Spiritual cooperation

Groundbreaking thinking

Serving God

When is one ready to teach spiritually?

Twin soul is just a label

Awakening in the twin soulship

One soul, two aspects

Dynamic spirituality

Twin soulship, an energetic event

Suffering and vanity

The pain of not-Being

New world

Happiness is your birthright! Claim it!

Higher thinking

The Divine polishes

Good suffering!

Twin Souls: Uneven Spiritual Growth?


Addictions limit freedom

Privacy law?

Shake the dust off your feet

The essence of the twin soulship

Letting go of your twin soul?

Guilt feelings

True Self


The label 'lightworker'

Twin Soul Man


Deep insights

Trust in God?

Divine Signals

Love ...


Duality consciousness and free will

Duality consciousness: cause of all misery

Twin soulship and manipulators

Twin soulship and victim role

Clearing or breaking energetic cords

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Man in his most natural state of Being

Applicable spirituality

Clear up your suspicion and anger!


Spirituality and science

Being spiritual, every second of the day

Solve your psychological problems!

The awareness of high sensitivity

High sensitivity and the poor-me-role

Functional presence

Natural control over the emotions

Driving force for spiritual development

In the flow of life

High sensitivity is a spiritual tool

The spiritual aspect of high sensitivity

High sensitivity and intelligence

Am I spiritual?

Eternal Joy

Revolution of thinking