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Why this site?

In 2005, in our 47th year of life, when we received the gift of "twinsoulsship" that would fulfill our dream of a harmonious relationship, we let God know that we wanted to be of service. In other words: "Yes, we want to put our life, our thinking, our Being at the service of God and everything that resonates in that 'Energy God'."

Which also indicates that we want to serve humanity. Initially we tried this with 1 on 1 conversations and/or treatments, which soon became clear that this was certainly not our thing. We tried it in a group event, which was not what we felt to be our task either.

We received so much information that we quickly started to wonder what we could do with that information besides using that information for our own spiritual growth. I (Eddy) has already had a few websites in the past. So writing down information was no problem. I started writing short texts, which we improved and supplemented together from everyone's vision. Rita very often has a simpler view of the things in life. She also urged me to write even more simply. "When I understand it, everyone understands it." she always says.

With our sites, which were initially going about twinsoulship, but later also about the daily experience of our spirituality "we try" to encourage people to investigate their "own spirituality" and apply it in their "own life".

Serving God can be done in different ways, we use our talents to discuss and describe the spiritual aspect of Being-Human. We do this with great pleasure, because we see our talents multiply. Not in the form of material things but in spiritual growth. Our experience is that matter is impermanent but that spiritual growth, however minimal, lasts forever.

He/she who dares to persevere, can eventually 'Be Spiritual', every second of the day!

Eddy and Rita